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If you’ve ever wanted me to be your copywriter mentor - this is your opportunity!
Weekly, LIVE mentoring! WATCH THIS VIDEO!
Carline holds your hand and SHOWS you!
Enda N.
Carline HELPS you BEAT her control!
Shawn P.
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BEST Copywriting Course

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Get my entire Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids seminar – absolutely FREE – when you sign up for the C.R.A.Z.Y Copy System Live Mentoring Show!

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How To Get Paid While You Learn Copywriting

Here's how to join
Carline Anglade-Cole's 
C.R.A.Z.Y Copy System Live Mentoring Show
GOLD Membership:
(4) 2-hour consultations $20,000
Copy critiques $5,000
Total Monthly Value
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Here’s what you get as a Gold Member:
  • You can enter the "Cover Test Challenge” immediately and get PAID!
Every Thursday– we’ll get to work so you can create a winning headline and cover test to submit for a real health client! WOW! If selected – your copy gets tested – and you receive samples for your portfolio! If your copy beats my control (and I’ll help you do that!) – you not only become a copywriter with a control – but you also get PAID $500! This can all happen within the next few weeks!
  •  Copy Critiques – (valued at $5,000 plus royalty each!)
Imagine working on a project – and you KNOW you can say, “Hey Carline – what do you think about this headline? Or this lead? As a Gold member – you get copy critiques to make your copy stronger! This ACCESS to an A-Level Writer – to get real time critiques on your projects can make a tremendous, POSITIVE impact on your income! Plus –I get to KNOW you better! Look – in this industry – who you know makes a big difference!
  • We meet two hours on Thursdays every week! – (valued at $20,000 per month!)
That’s 8 hours a month of intensive mentoring! You have NO CHOICE BUT TO SUCCEED with this type of targeted mentoring! I’m going to push you and take you out of your comfort zone – and SHOW you how to write kick-butt copy!
  • Opportunity to LOOK OVER MY SHOULDERS and SEE my real projects as I work on them!
I’ll show you how I write my copy in real time. And sometimes I need a little help with writing bullets or sidebars – so I’ll give gold members a special opportunity to create that copy for me!
  • Breakdown of my C.R.A.Z.Y Copy System!
C.R.A.Z.Y is an acronym for CONTENT… RESULT… ACTION… ZANY… and YES! It’s my personal system I use when I write my copy to get kick-butt controls! And I’m going to TEACH you how to use it! I promise you’ll SEE a difference in your writing skills within the first week you use C.R.A.Z.Y – and you’ll get better and better as you keep using it!
  • Access to leading clients!
In this biz clients want to see what you’ve done before they’re comfortable giving you jobs! But you don’t need to worry because I'll introduce you to my leading clients who are looking for “Carline-Approved” writers! That’s right – you get to meet clients who WANT to pay you money for your copywriting skills!
  • Coveted “I’m on a roll... I BEAT Carline’s Control!” t-shirt! (invaluable!)
When you write a headline or cover test for me – and you BEAT my control – you now have a real sample for your portfolio. You not only get PAID but I’ll send you this prized t-shirt! Very FEW people earn the right to wear this T-shirt. Imagine attending a copywriting seminar wearing it. Oh yeah – you’ll get the attention you need from prospective clients to show you beat an A-Level copywriter’s control. That’s HUGE credibility without saying a word!
  •  Weekly LIVE conversations!
No canned conversations or pre-written scripts or lectures on copywriting. We talk about copy issues you’re dealing with right now! Because generally speaking – if you’re struggling with a problem – so are other people! So we’re going to learn from each other. I’ll pull up real copy that I’ve worked on and I’ll dissect it to show you what makes it work. It’s a working session on copy. But more importantly it’s a working session to get YOUR copy up to speed! That ACCESS to having me ANSWER your questions in REAL time – is pretty awesome, don’t you think?
  • Weekly Q&A!
BRING your questions – and I’ll answer them as best as I can! We talk about what YOU need to become a better writer! Maybe it’s how to get a client… or how to strengthen your back end copy… or overcoming your fears. Whatever you need – I’m here to help!
  • On-going support!
You aren’t alone! You have ACCESS to me as your mentor – every week! I will get to KNOW you and HELP you become a stronger writer! I can’t wait to mold you – and help you understand the nuances that will take you from a so-so copywriter to a serious kick-butt copywriter who demands the high paychecks!
  • Access to past Live Mentoring Shows!
Can’t make a show? No problem! All live shows are recorded! That means you can watch previous shows at your convenience and continue learning throughout the week! You have 24/7 access to these shows! How cool is that?
  •  Special guests!
From researchers to designers – I'm sharing my rolodex of direct-response VIPs! And you get to meet them… pick their brains… and learn from them too!
  • And many more upcoming surprises and FUN projects!
We meet Thursdays from 1pm-3pm EST!
You get kick-butt copy critiques!
Doug P.
Shows you how to write stronger copy!
Jonathan F.
Carline skyrockets your career!
Andrew T.
You get all this when you join my
How To Make Money Copywriting
You get my entire Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids seminar – a $2,500 value – yours absolutely FREE!

Back in 2008 – I met behind closed doors with 25 writers to share with them my closely guarded secrets that made me a Million-Dollar Copywriter!

We worked non-stop for 2 ½ days – breaking down the elements for a successful sales promo. Many of the attendees became A-Level copywriters raking in royalties and 6-figure incomes!

While I recorded the entire seminar – I NEVER made it available for purchase. And it’s still not available to purchase! But…

...YOU can get this prized treasure trove RIGHT NOW – absolutely FREE – when you sign up for the C.R.A.Z.Y Copy System Live Mentoring Show!
GREAT gift for newbies!
If you’re just getting started - you can study these sessions – and PRACTICE what I show you during the week. Then – when you come to the C.R.A.Z.Y Copy System Live Mentoring Show – you’ll be ready to build on your newfound knowledge.
And you can ask questions LIVE to get the explanation and clarity you need!
AMAZING gift for experienced writers too!
Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids seminar is also an AWESOME refresher course for seasoned writers! If you’re stuck on a lead or headline or nailing that close – you can go exactly where you need to and find your answers! 

The folks who attended this seminar paid a whopping $2,500 for a seat. And many said the seminar was worth TEN TIMES that amount! But it’s yours FREE when you sign up for my C.R.A.Z.Y Copy System Live Mentoring Show!

And you get this amazing gift with your Gold membership!

This seminar is a perfect complement to the C.R.A.Z.Y Copy System Live Mentoring Show. So I want each and every one of you to claim your gift – worth $2,500 – today!
Here’s what C.R.A.Z.Y members have to say...

BEST Way To Make Money Copywriting

Nothing like it! - Darryl Q.
DIRECT ACCESS to a real deal copywriter! - Greg J.
Gets you "up close and personal" with CLIENTS! - Celine H.
Carline is like an NBA MVP teaching you how to dribble! - Ja’Shon B.
You get kick-butt copy critiques! - Doug P.

I wanted the GOLD and now I shine like it...

I had no money and certainly not enough to sign-up for another copy “program.” But I did it anyway because I believed Carline’s C.R.A.Z.Y Copy System would make me a desired copywriter. I got a call from a potential client last week and another call an hour ago! I have what they want – and it’s all because of CRAZY Carline!
- Cynthia S.

“0 BS and 100% awesomeness!”

Carline’s C.R.A.Z.Y Copy System Live Mentoring Show “is one of these rare programs with 0 BS and 100% awesomeness! THREE times more expensive memberships aren’t THIS good!"
-Greg J.

Pure GOLD!

“There is an amazing amount of value in the weekly mentoring shows. Carline just pours pure GOLD into the shows. I am stunned just how much VALUE there is. Definitely overdelivering!”
- Nadeem C.

Carline, I give you a score of 100%

“I like seeing the examples and having you walk through them with us is great! When my advertorial kicks butt - I will come back with a 120% score ha ha ;-)”
- Karen N.

So CRAZY helpful!

I’m so glad I signed up for the gold member session! This is awesome! Lots of amazing info.
- Cheryl B.

It’s 3AM – but totally worth it!

“I’ve NEVER had my copy critiqued before. This is honestly awesome! And I’m so happy there’s a replay area. I’ll be studying this critique thoroughly. I’m LOVING this!
- Anton R.

Awesome mentor!

Carline tears apart copy… and turns it into GOLD right in front of my eyes! I’m so excited to be learning from the BEST of the best!
-Ramune B.
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